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Fri, May 31


Inner Wolf Retreat Space

Resonance Retreat

is an opportunity to come into right relationship with yourself, remember your power, renew your connection to Source, and reclaim your sacred life energy. It is a chance to disconnect from the hustle, get out into nature, connect with other spiritually minded soul family, and remember your purpose:

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Resonance Retreat
Resonance Retreat

Time & Location

May 31, 2024, 3:00 PM – Jun 03, 2024, 3:00 PM

Inner Wolf Retreat Space, 2854 Puncheon Fork Rd, Mars Hill, NC 28754, USA

About the event

WHEN: Friday, May 31 - Monday, June 3  WHERE: Spiritual retreat property in Mars Hill, North Carolina, just 40 minutes north of Asheville WHAT TO EXPECT: Join  the spirit tribe for an extended healing weekend in meditation,  communion, and sacred ceremony. Everything in this gathering is soul  medicine. Give yourself unconditional permission to rest, release,  relax, celebrate, and restore together with the family.

Also it is BLUE GHOST FIREFLY SEASON and the spectacle of the fireflies on this land is amazing to witness.  RESONANCE is  an opportunity to come into right relationship with yourself, remember  your power, renew your connection to Source, and reclaim your  sacred life energy. It is a chance to disconnect from the hustle, get  out into nature, connect with other spiritually minded soul family, and  remember your purpose: to be your most authentic, whole self  in resonance with Spirit.  We do this work to heal, evolve, and  come home to our true wild nature. Together we will prepare, set our  intentions, and open the way for joyous celebration through prayer  around Grandfather fire.

Ceremony is a sacred opportunity to  welcome in and deepen your relationship with what matters most. To  become clear with your intentions. To be in compassion and forgiveness.  To invite a new timeline to come forth and to claim your sovereign power  to walk your path with purpose. During the retreat, we will offer three ceremonial meditations and a day of integration

 Friday ~ we  will be supported by Madre Cacao, medicine songs, yoga nidra, and  grandfather drum to welcome the family and open the gathering 3pm - 5pm - Arrival 6pm - Opening Cacao Ceremony

8pm - Dinner

Saturday ~ we  will be working with Los Niños Santos in a two tobacco ceremony in a  celebration of the feminine in reverent appreciation of Mother Earth.  This ceremony is an invitation to go deep within and connect to the  Mystery while you are held by medicine songs, silence, and music.  Journey in safety while the medicine works in you to clean, clear, and  bring forward that which no longer serves you. Liberate yourself from  anything that is not authentic and true. You will receive a special  mapacho cleansing and flower water blessing to guide your path and  purpose. In closing, we will create a gratitude mandala of healing on  the land to give thanks to our ancestors, the elements, and to all of  Creation.

8am - Light Breakfast

10am - Ceremony led by Sinclair

7pm - Dinner

Sunday ~ we  will be supported by Grandfather of the Andes medicine in a 4 tobacco  ceremony which includes 4 prayers - The prayer of purpose, the prayer  for the Father Water, the Power Prayer, and the Prayer for the Mother  Water. The Grandfather of The  Andes goes by many names. The oldest names we know are Huachuma and  Awacolla. When the Spanish came to Amaruca (America) and drank the  medicine, they named it San Pedro (St. Peter) because they said  it brought them right to the Gates of Heaven. This cactus is known as a  heart opener. These two go hand in hand because the Gates of Heaven are  always with us in our hearts. The Grandfather helps us make the journey  from our mind to our hearts, teaches us how to live there, how to  vibrate in that space, and how to carry that vibration out into the real  ceremony of our lives.

The  4 tobacco ceremony is a celebration of Life. The design of the altar  comes from Mexico by way of The Comanche and Ho’Chunk peoples. We spend  the ceremony singing songs to The Creator, The Water, to The Fire, and  the rest of our relatives of all creation. Singing is one of our  favorite ways to pray. We pause singing 4 times in the ceremony to pray  with Tobacco – a sacred ally who amplifies our vibration, grounds our  words into the physical dimension, and reminds us of the unity of all  life.

During  these tobacco prayers, we give thanks and set intentions, pray to honor  the water, our fathers, and the Sky, to pray from what is in our  hearts, and to honor our mothers and The Earth. When we give thanks,  celebrate life, and get close with The Creator, all things that are true  in our hearts are possible.

You  will have the opportunity to come into relationship with the fire and  release anything that is no longer serving you, as well as make prayers  for your life and wellness. Your facilitators will offer counsel and  guidance in this time.

8am - Light Breakfast 10am - Ceremony led by John

8pm - Celebration Feast + Family Fire

 Monday ~ We will close our retreat with a day of integration and completion, including a nourishing sound healing led by the owners of the retreat space. We  will be in deep communion together as we breathe, dance, nourish, and  integrate the heart wisdom of the weekend and plant the seeds to carry  our medicine out into the world.

8am - Breakfast 9am - Integration Circle

10am- Ecstatic Dance

11:30am -  Cosmic Sound Healing with David and Dawn

1pm Lunch and Farewells

3pm - Departure

Integration  is vital. Making a good home for what we receive from these ceremonies  is our way of giving back to the heart of the medicines and the  traditions that came before us. Integration is an embodiment of that  wisdom. We make a new path by walking it.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: ACCOMODATIONS: We will be staying at a beautiful retreat and sound healing center in Mars Hill, NC, about 45 minutes from Asheville ROOMS: We  have shared rooms (triple occupancy) and camping available on the land.  You can bring your own camping gear, or use ours! Let us know what you  prefer when you sign up.

ENERGY EXCHANGE: The  dollars you give are in exchange for your attendance, sleeping space,  food, and the time, energy, and experience of the organizers.  All medicines are sacraments shared as gifts.

PRICING: Shared Double Room $1099 each, double occupancy SOLD OUT Shared Triple Room - $899 per person, triple occupancy (5 SPOTS LEFT)

Camping - $799 per person (4 SPOTS LEFT)


Nourishing, delicious meals from dinner the first night to lunch the last day are included. Our spirit sister Tara Leitner-Merendino will be serving food filled with love and intention.  Please let us know if you have dietary restrictions, are vegan, or vegetarian. Any meat, dairy, or gluten will be served on the side.

PETS: Pets are not allowed y'all, sorry. GETTING THERE: The  venue is about 40 min from Asheville. If you are planning to fly in and  need transportation, the best thing to do is take an Uber/Lyft from  the airport to our location. We can also work together to carpool and  arrange rides if multiple people are coming by air. Let us know.We offer optional animal protein at each meal. WHAT TO BRING:Ceremony attire (whatever you feel most comfortable in - dresses, loose pants, layers) Nest  for ceremony: Backjack, yoga mat, sleeping pad, cushion, pillow,  blanket, whatever you need to feel comfortable (no big air mattresses  inside the ceremony circle please) Eye mask and ear plugs, as all rooms are shared Sacred items for the altar (crystals, jewelry, photos, feathers - whatever items are sacred to you) Self-care items and toiletries Clothing:  Plan for pleasant to hot days and cool to cold nights. Highs are  typically in the 70s - 80s and lows in the 40s -50s. Poncho, hats,  layers, light jacket - anything you need to feel your most comfortable Sunscreen, hats, and long sleeves to protect you from the sun Natural insect repellent (no deet containing chemical sprays please) Swimsuit and towel to dip in the creek or pond Headlamp/flashlight Water bottle Journal and pen Your intention, what you want to release, and prayers you want to offer to bring goodness, health, and wellness into your life


  1. Respond to this email letting us know you're ready to move forward
  2. Set  up a time to have a quick call so you can get your questions answered  and we can make sure it's a good fit - you can book a call with me  here:
  3. We require a $400 deposit to hold your spot. You  can pay via Venmo, Paypal, Cashapp, Zelle, or credit card. Please note  there is a 4% transaction fee added to any payments made via Paypal,  including payment plans. (Venmo, Cashapp, and Zelle do not have  additional fees.) We also accept cash at the event, but the deposit must  be made electronically or by check.  Venmo to @sinclairfleetwood Paypal to or Click here Zelle to CashApp to $sinclairfleetwood or
  4. We can set up a monthly payment plan if you need one! If  you want to come and the financial investment is an issue, please  connect with Sinclair so we can work out a payment plan that works for  you. We are happy to let you pay out the cost over 3-6 months. Payment plans require a credit card on file that will be charged automatically each month.

Please  note that, barring documented illness or emergency, deposits are  non-refundable and non-transferable after May 8th, so please be very  clear with your intentions by this date.

Additional details for our time together will be sent once we receive your deposit including:

  • Diet recommendations
  • Medical guidelines and info about the medicines
  • Preparation and intention setting guidance and rituals
  • Exact location and details about the space
  • We will have one preparation call and one integration call as a group before and after the event

Need  help with bringing anything? Let us know, we can help locate extra  stuff. Feel free to ask us anything, reply to this email!

IMPORTANT: This  invitation is confidential and was sent to you inside our circle of  trust. Please do not share or forward this message or invite others  without our explicit permission. Here are the required steps to follow  if you want to invite someone to join these gatherings (which we  support!)

1. Talk to the person you want to invite first and get their consent. 2.  Please let us know who your friend is, a little bit about them, your  relationship to them, how long you have known them, and their contact  info so we can then reach out and set up a time to talk. 3. We will contact them directly for next steps.

We hope you will consider joining us.

With love,

Sinclair and John and Tara 

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