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Sat, Aug 03


Inner Wolf Retreat Space

Soul Harmonization Ceremony

Harmonize your being well with Guided Meditation, Gong Sound Healing, Live Channeling, Current Energy Downloads, and stay to watch the abundance of fire flies at the Inner Wolf Retreat Space.

Soul Harmonization Ceremony
Soul Harmonization Ceremony

Time & Location

Aug 03, 2024, 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Inner Wolf Retreat Space, 2854 Puncheon Fork Rd, Mars Hill, NC 28754, USA

About the event

Creating Divine Order and Harmony Within and Firefly veiwing after the event

(Meditation, Sound Healing, Channeling)

We invite you to explore all aspects of your being and enjoy a guided meditation through the 8 Spheres of Ascension (Mental, Emotional, Physical, Psychic, Energetic, Spiritual, Ethereal, and Creator) with Cindy Bowen and sound healing with David Heiss.

Listen to award-winning author, channeler and energy alchemist Cindy Bowen, as she interprets for her guides, the Shashastra (Starlight) Collective, as they share divine messages of harmony and ascension.

Harmonize with the blissful vibes of sound healing master David Heiss. When the gong sings, you listen. You listen with every cell of your body. You hear it and feel it. You begin to sense more. The obscure sounds leave your brain guessing and eventually surrenders to the soundwave as you begin to relax, feel and heal. The vibrational frequencies can awaken stagnant energy. The experience is like a personal dream. There are moments during a gong meditation where the subconscious can become more conscious, where illumination and insight follows. You may be mesmerized.

Together we will bring about the Great Harmonization of global unity and oneness as we create order and harmony within!


We will begin by discussing ways to balance, harmonize and transmute the disharmony in your life, and utilize it as a doorway and opportunity to grow, expand and go from victim to creator. Together we will learn to transform your current state of disharmony into harmony, and how to bring the light of our full awareness and presence to balance our soul on all levels.  This is an opportunity to illuminate and synchronize your energies into your true self.

Then we will enjoy a guided meditation and channeling, with sound healing, as we journey through the 8 Spheres of Ascension, guided by The Shashastra (Starlight) Collective. Their words and energy carry light, downloads and information of the current ascension energies that will ignite your being and awaken your soul to greater love and harmony. As we journey, the sacred and pure sounds of the gongs and singing bowls will uplift and balance your energy and spirit. 

We will close with a circle sharing, followed by homemade soup, tea and fireflies! Bring an extra layer of clothes if you are planning to stay for the fireflies.  The Fireflies at the Inner Wolf Retreat Space are absolutley amazing!


David Heiss specializes in Self-Discovery using sound alchemy though blending unique sounds with instruments including many gongs, crystal bowls, and other abstract sounding pieces creating an abstract symphony of sound overtones to create a healing restorative experience.  Being an Evolutionary Astrologer, he offers mini readings as a complimentary service to assist in your self-discovery process as he has used these divine arts in his own healing process with results.  He has been working with stars sounds, AKA Gongs and Astrology since 2012. His intention is to create a space through sound to help you realize more of who you are.

Cindy Bowen is a Gold Medal Award-Winning Author, Channeler, 5 star rated Intuitive Empath & Energy Balancer (for 30+years), Yoga Teacher, Craniosacral Therapist,  Physical Therapist Assistant, and happy mom.  Cindy channels and interprets for her guides, The Shashastra (Starlight) Collective, to bring HARMONY to the planet and people.  Her children’s book Playing with Gaia won 2 gold medals from the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards and the Mom’s Choice Awards. She is also the author of Zero to Oneness, a self-help e-book.  

Cindy has been personally gifted the knowledge and wisdom of the Mamos indigenous elders of Colombia, as a selected Earth Guardian. She also has been part of studies with the Institute of Noetic Sciences for her intuitive abilities.  Cindy shares her gifts as a White Electric World Bridger, bridging our experience here on earth with the heavenly realm of oneness, bringing divine knowledge and the tools necessary to bring about the realization of the Great Harmonization of global unity and Oneness that is our destiny.  She offers local workshops and online classes to help you connect with your inner harmony and create Divine Order of Self, for divine order of the planet.

Find out more about Cindys work and private intuitive healing sessions here at .

The 8 Spheres of Ascension are:

  1. Mental - Be clear (of anger, fear and doubt)
  2. Emotional - Love + Intention = Creation
  3. Physical - Clear mind + clear emotion = Healthy Body
  4. Psychic - Clear mind + clear emotion + healthy body = Clear Listening Intuition
  5. Energetic - Clear, align and upgrade your energetic body
  6. Spiritual- Ask and commune with Spirit
  7. Ethereal - Moving beyond the self and ego - Going deeper into the void. Allow
  8. Creator - Connecting with the One Self = Oneness

We are all moving towards the Great Harmonization of Global Unity and Oneness. Harmony within begins with Divine Order of the Self, through balancing and harmonizing the 8 Spherea of Ascension.

Please join us for this amazing journey to the self in it's greatest form of expansion and bliss through meditation and sound!


  • Harmonize my Soul

    +$1.10 service fee



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