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Thu, Jul 18


Moldavite Life

Summer Astrology Workshop

Embark on a celestial journey and join us for an enchanting Astrology Workshop at Moldavite Life Crystal Shop featuring Evolutionary Astrology

Summer Astrology Workshop
Summer Astrology Workshop

Time & Location

Jul 18, 2024, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Moldavite Life, 81 Weaverville Rd Suite 8, Asheville, NC 28804, USA

About the event

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Welcome  to Summer Astrology Update: Pluto is in Retrograde going back into  Capricorn for the last time in our lifetime. A final chance to gain  insight into the structures that are working or falling away personally  and in the world. Jupiter just went into Gemini and will stay for a  year. Find best ways to expand your networks. Saturn is beginning to  conjunct Neptune in Pisces closing a 30 year cycle both in retrograde now creating a chance to  align with your higher self to navigate the next chapter in your life.  We will discuss all this and more. Hope to see you here. David Heiss

You will gain insight into your true self in this workshop.

David  will have special computer software to look at your personal chart. If  you would like your chart used as an example, please know your birth  time and place for accuracy. Come with your questions in this  interactive experience.

David  has a unique approach to transmitting messages from the stars as he  translates the meanings into practical application that is learnable and  understandable at a working level. Come see for yourself how this  astrology workshop can stoke your soul's evolution.

Why Astrology... Inner  Self-Discovery: I received my first astrology reading in 2012 at 41. I  was blown away as the reading explained in 30 minutes what counselors,  therapists, parents, and friends didn't understand. It was a relief to  realize I was wired in a specific way, and I no longer needed to fight  it. I just needed to accept and integrate the parts of me that everyone  else tried to fix. Since 2012 I have been studying and integrating the  stars and planets within myself and others. I'm convinced that the stars  and planets are energies inside of us, we can see the planets and  stars, we also feel them as they are a part of us we are connected to  the entire universe.

What is Evolutionary Astrology...

 Evolutionary  astrology is a transformative approach that goes beyond traditional  astrological readings. Rooted in the belief that our soul evolves over  lifetimes, it explores the karmic lessons and evolutionary journey  encoded in an individual's birth chart. This branch of astrology focuses  on personal growth, self-discovery, and the development of  consciousness, offering insights into the soul's purpose and the  evolutionary path ahead. It views challenges as opportunities for  spiritual development, guiding individuals toward a deeper understanding  of their life's purpose and the continuous evolution of their soul.

My  Astrology readings intentionally speak to your soul, penetrate beyond  the mind, you begin to see how you are divinely wired. I have heard the  readings many times and are unique and like none other. Astrology stokes  the intellect first, you can make sense of it, but it doesn't stop  there, it stokes the subconscious, it stirs your Soul, waking up dormant  energies, you become more of who you truly are.

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"I’ve  had a number of astrology readings over the years, and have some  familiarity with my chart. David brought things to life in my  Evolutionary Astrology reading. His focus on my growth points brought  about tangible and useful insights. What he shared about my Occupation  and Vocation were especially helpful affirmations for energies I’d been  feeling yet a little timid to fully own. I’ll revisit the info in this  reading multiple times to really absorb the wisdom so it can permeate my  life. David is funny, intuitive and his relaxed and open nature feels  like I’ve known him for years. You’ll receive a true gift in his  presence, not just another astrology reading."

Nicole 5/10/2024

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